Measurements & Troubleshooting


  • Vibration Levels Measurement
  • Noise Levels Measurement
  • Structure Deformations and Stresses measurements
  • Vibrations and Noise Troubleshootings Solving
  • Improvements to Reduce the Vibration and Noise Levels
  • Future Development of Noise and Vibration ACTIVE SYSTEMS
  • Underwater Noise, investigations, Measurements, Predictions
  • Insulation and Damping Treatment
  • FEM Static and Dynamic Analysis
  • Structural Calculations Analysis, Verifications and Optimization in accordance to Classification Society Guidelines and Procedures
  • CFD Calculation and DP Calculation
  • Sea-Keeping Calculations and Simulations
  • Fatigue Calculations, Measurements and Simulations
  • On Site Surveying and Measurements
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